Goofi World Tour for World Children’s Day

Goofi World Tour

Tahmina Rahman Sathi reading a story at Goofi World Tour

Yesterday, we started Goofi World Tour. Tahmina Rahman Sathi and Bluetooth were at Chef’s Table Courtside, with our little friends. Tahmina Rahman Sathi read a story to the children, and Bluetooth sang his ‘famous’ ‘Hiji Biji’ song. Our theme for yesterday was- Empathy for Others and Love for the Environment.

The campaign will last for two months. And in all of them, Bluetooth and Tiya will be your hosts, alongside Goofi authors.

Goofi world tour puppet show
Bluetooth and his friends at Puppet Show

There were songs, stories, and rhymes. There were lots of laughs and lots of good times. And our little friends at Chef’s Table Courtside sang songs and rhymed as well. They took pictures and had lots and lots of fun with our blue monster Bluetooth. 

We also have a stall at the Courtside Bazaar for the Goofi World tour, where you can find all of our Goofi Books and puppets. The booth will be open till 10 pm on November 5th.

Goofi Puppet Show
Children at Goofi world tour Puppet Show

To celebrate World Children’s Day on November 20, Goofi has planned theTour. Goofi World Tour is a 2 month-long celebration where authors from Goofi will read stories to your little ones. And with them will be Bluetooth and Tiya, our very friendly puppet monsters. Schools and many children’s organizations also work with us on this tour. 

From the very beginning, Goofi’s goal has always been to develop moral and ethical skills, while teaching them to love one another. 

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