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Academic Books for Kids in Bangladesh

Goofi World has a huge collection of academic books for kids. Our academic books are designed to make education an adventure. There are Letter to Picture books of Bangla, English and Arabic variants. Also, there are books for Drawing, Singapore math and Playing with alphabet. With vibrant illustrations and engaging narratives, our Goofi academic books make complex concepts accessible and fun.

Benefits of Reading Academic Books for Preschoolers

The aim of reading academic books to your children is to introduce them to the world of knowledge.

Cognitive Development:

Reading academic books early in life can greatly improve cognitive abilities. This includes the growth of thought processes such as memory, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Language Skills Development:

Reading academic books to preschoolers can expand their vocabulary, understanding of grammar & syntax and listening skills.

Preparation for Academic Success:

These books prepare children for the academic challenges of school. They familiarize them with concepts and subjects they will encounter in the near future.

Develop a special Bonding:

Reading academic books to your child with a regular basis improves bonding. The thing you can do is to spend time with your child to positively influence their development. Sharing academic books can create special moments between children and parents.

Improvement of Concentration and Discipline:

Engaging with learning activities can help develop a kid’s focus and self-discipline. It is crucial for school readiness.

Imagination and Creativity:

Academic books often contain contents that stimulate a child’s imagination and encourage creative thinking. Goofi academic books for preschoolers are rich with these types of learning elements.

Lifelong Love of Reading: 

Introducing academic books at an early age can cultivate a lifelong appreciation for reading and learning.

Preschool Books Needed for Kids

Drawing & Picture Books

These books help children understand stories and concepts visually. Goofi offers amazing picture books that are rich in illustrations to improve the drawing skills of your child.

Alphabet and Number Books

These books help with letter and number recognition. This is fundamental for early literacy and numeracy skills. Goofi World has “Letter to Picture” academic books in multiple languages. So your child can play with the alphabet.

Math Books

Solving math problems at an early age is so helpful for kids. Goofi World gives you a series of Singapore math Books to improve your child’s early development.

Story Books

Story books improve imagination and can introduce children to the joys of reading. Goofi World has a wide collection of amazing story books for kids to read Reality Fictions, Historical Fictions, Mystery and Fantasy.

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