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  • Angry Monster Hand Puppet – Goofi World 890.00

    Goofi Angry Monster Hand Puppet is an amazing Goofi Learning Toy for children. It can be used to play, act, read stories and multiple other activities.

    Parents can use it for young children to talk and interact with them. There is a Puppet toys Manual inside. With the manual, children can make new puppets too.

    Win exciting gift inside Scratch Card of each puppet box.

    Inside the Box:

    • One Handmade Puppet
    • One Puppet Manual

    Interactive Learning: Goofi Angry Monster Hand Puppet serves as an engaging learning tool that promotes interaction between children and adults.

    Through role play and imaginative games, it facilitates an interactive learning experience where stories can be told and various subjects can be taught in a fun way.

    • Storytelling and Creativity: The hand puppet encourages children to create interesting stories using their imagination. It becomes a tool for them to express their thoughts, fostering creativity and storytelling skills from an early age.
    • Educational Manual: The inclusion of a puppet manual enhances the educational aspect. Children not only play
      with the puppet but also have the opportunity to create new puppets by following the manual, adding an element of learning and creativity to the play.
    • Exciting Rewards: The Scratch Card feature inside each puppet box adds an element of surprise and excitement. Winning an exciting gift enhances the overall experience, making it a delightful and rewarding playtime for children.
    • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both home and school environments, Goofi Learning Toys are designed for parents and teachers to use interactively with preschool children. This versatility ensures that the hand puppet can be a valuable tool for educational activities in various settings

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  • Goofi Crochet Toy – Togu 950.00

    Size: 28 Centimeter

    Material: Cotton Fabric

    Coloring: Natural Color, Azo-free, and other chemical-free

    Type: Handmade crochet

    Wash: Dry wash is recommended

    Goofi Togu Crochet Toy are durable, safe, and eco-friendly. These export-quality product made of azo-free fabric and handmade by skilled female artisans. It is a fair trade product.

    Available on backorder

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