Goofi brings the 5th installment of its most fascinating book series Bornogolpo (Bangla alphabet-based story series). In this series, 5 stories knitted on Bengali 5 letters. The stories are – ‘ট – Tuntunir Biye’, ‘ঠ – Sahoshi Thelagari’, ‘ড – Dinosaurer Party’, ঢ – Nidhiramer Dhal’ and ‘ণ – Randhuni Rajputro’. The theme of Bornogolpo-5 is good virtues. So, we concentrate to inscribe fundamental humanitarian virtues in stories. The virtues are – ‘Helping Others’, ‘Never Make Fun of or Mock Others’, ‘Compassion for Animals’, ‘Give Up Arrogance’ and ‘Don’t Discriminate Gender’.

While illustrating the stories, we carefully selected the style to portray characters, events, spaces and times of the story. We wanted to portray Bornogolpo-5 by our own cultural way and considered various types of style like paper collage, Tepa putul, water color etc. to make the series beautiful and vivid. Let’s jump on the story’s individual.

Tuntunir Biye

Friend in need is a friend indeed. This truth portrays in the story ‘Tuntunir Biye’, written by Tahamina Rahman, Illustrated by Suvra. Tiya from the book made it possible to arrange a ‘Ted Tip’ for Tuni to make her wedding spectacular. ‘Tuntunir Biye’ is such a story that encourages children to help others in danger.

ঠ এর গল্প – ‘Sahoshi Thelagari’

One should never mock or make or fun of anyone. Everyone has some qualities that we may not even know about. The story of ‘Sahoshi Thelagari’ written by Kuasha Habib, Illustrated by Suvrais a story where the little Thelagari is a laughingstock but bravely saves the life of the car boy, Troy, who used to mock him every day.

Sahoshi Thelagari

ড এর গল্প – ‘Dinosaurer Party’

Animals are having party in ‘Animals heaven’. The story written by Anika Habin, Illustrated by Suvra. The animals that joined the party once lived on Earth. But they went extinct due to the tyranny of the human-world. Many more animals are on the way of extinction. The heavenly beings are seated to greet the new commers. Through the story ‘Dinosaurer Party’, children will know about the extinct animals and their suffering. It will teach them to think differently and how to stop the extinction of other species.

Dinosaurer Party

ঢ এর গল্প – ‘Nidhiramer Dhal’

Pride is always repulsive. Excessive pride is always amounting great danger. The story of ‘Nidhiramer Dhal’ written by Tahamina Rahman, Illustrated by Zakia Simmin Chowdhury, portrays of Nidhiram’s character, who is falsely proud or arrogant. He used to tell the tales beyond his means. And as we know, pride is something that does not bring any good result at all. The story will help children to be happy with what he has and never not to be arrogant.

Nidhiramer Dhal

ণ এর গল্প – ‘Randhuni Rajputro’

No such thing as “boys’ labor” or “girls’ work.”. Because, anyone can be good at anything. And doing something with sincerity is always rewarded. ‘Randhuni Rajputro’ is a story written by Nishat Majumdar, Illustrated by Sahami Zaman, vividly shows that, works must not be allocated as gender. The story encourages children to work enthusiastically and not to discriminate gender.

Randhuni Rajputro

This series can be the best gift if you want to give a Bengali children’s story book, and it will undoubtedly make the kid happy.

As a parent, you must know the necessity to instill these virtues in children’s habit. So, Bornogolpo-5 is a must-buy thing for you and must-read for your dear child. These can be best Bangla book for your kids that help to build in Good Behavior through stories.

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