5 books for 6 year olds

5 Books for 6 Year Olds

When parents and kids read books together, it creates a special bond between them. Reading books is the best way to develop children’s basic language skills and improve their vocabulary knowledge. Books help kids to think creatively and discover new ideas. Reading time is ideal for parents to talk with their children about their emotions.

Just reading any books won’t be helpful for your child. You must choose the appropriate ones for them. Parents must select books wisely for their little kids from where they can learn and have fun also. Today, we are going to introduce you with 5 books for 6 year olds that we picked from a vast of options.

Top 5 Books list for 6 Year Olds

Serial No.Book NameDescription
1.Borno Niye Kheli - SworobornoCovers early grade Bangla Sworoborno learning
2.Borno Niye Kheli - BenjonbornoCovers early grade Bangla Benjonborno learning
3.Play with AlphabetIntroduces the English alphabet to children
4.Singapore Math – Level 1 Advanced math curriculum book
5.কিডস টাইম আঁকতে শেখার বইTo unlock creativity through Art.

You may be thinking why these books, not the others. Well, we have evaluated hundreds of books and handpicked the best 5 books for your little child. In those books the learning components are presented in a more engaging and playful manner. By reading and playing with these books, learning will be easier and fun for them.

Borno Niye Kheli - Sworoborno

Borno Niye kheli Sorborno

Borno Niye Kheli is a book of Goofi World – an organization that works for the development of children. This book series covers early grade Bangla learning for kids. It has 11 Sworoborno of Bangla alphabets. Reading Borno Niye kheli will help children to learn the Bangla alphabets easily.

There are new words, puzzles, matching games, short rhymes in the book. There are also some basic tasks like line tracing, drawing, and coloring. Borno Niye Kheli is a book that competes with the current trend of education. This helps your kid to improve creativity and reduce smartphone addiction.


  • Learning Sworoborno and words faster in Bangla
  • 200+ hours of engagement for children
  • 100+ Coloring, drawing, puzzle & brain game
  • Tasks like line tracing, drawing, and coloring
  • 22 Bengali Rhymes


  • 380 Tk

Borno Niye Kheli - Benjonborno

Borno Niye Kheli Benjonborno

Borno Niye Kheli has a Benjonborno version where it covers 39 Benjonborno of Bangla alphabets. It is a 4-book activity book for kids to teach early grade Bangla language. This book also has creative activities, brain games, word learning, puzzles, Bengali rhymes, etc. This Goofi book series will help children develop a strong academic foundation in the Bengali language, creativity, critical thinking, and moral values.


  • Learning Benjonborno and words faster in Bangla
  • 500+ hours of engagement for children
  • 400+ Coloring, drawing, puzzle & brain game
  • 78 Bangla Rhymes


  • 1280 Tk

Play with Alphabet


The book “Play with Alphabet ” introduces English alphabets A to Z to children in an innovative, interactive and, of course, super fun way. This is also a book of Goofi World. Each alphabet in this book is designed with several features for learning engagement of children.

In this book, each English alphabet comes with some interesting activities and features that can encourage children to learn the alphabets properly. It has various classic games and activities like maze, drawing and brainstorming tasks.

The book will help children to develop creativity and problem-solving skills. For early learners adult supervision is needed initially. Once they finish a few pages, they can work by themselves.


  • Color the Picture
  • Find the Letter
  • Solve the Maze
  • Alphabet to Picture


  • 700 Tk

Singapore Math – Level 1

Singapore Math-Level 1

Goofi World provides a math activity book for kids and that is Singapore Math – Level 1. It comes with the most advanced math curriculum in the world. Singapore Math uses the CPA (The Concrete Pictorial Abstract) method to teach math concepts.

This method helps to build a strong foundation in math. Singapore Math – Level 1 has two versions: 1A & 1B. Kids who complete the Singapore Math book are 2 to 3 years ahead of other children. They will show better results in real-life math and finances.


  • Uses the CPA method to teach math concepts
  • The book has series according to age of kids
  • Level 1 has two books – (1A & 1B)
  • Two books have 170-page with various activities Numbers
  • There are numbers up to 100, Number Bond, Comparing Number, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Graph, Half & Quarter, Length, Weight, Time and Money concepts


  • 900 Tk

Kids Time Akte Sekhar Boi

This book is provided by Kids Time – an organization that teaches creative activities to children. The book helps to unlock the boundless creativity within your child. The book comes with delightful and engaging resources designed to ignite the imagination and hone artistic skills of kids.

Children can discover the joy of drawing through a diverse range of captivating themes and develop fundamental drawing skills with ease. It has step-by-step instructions to accompany each drawing.


  • A variety of drawing themes: line drawings, shape drawings, animal drawings, sea drawings, flower drawings, and space drawings.
  • Step-by-step instructions for each drawing to make it easy for little kids.
  • Beautifully illustrated and designed to captivate young minds.
  • Allow children to add their own personal touches to the drawings.
  • Thoughtfully curated content designed.


  • 350 Tk

The Magic of Storytime

Storytime strengthens the bonds between parents and children. Interactive storytelling turns reading into a dynamic rhythm of words. An ordinary story can become a memorable experience with different voices for several characters and interesting questions. This approach creates a passion for reading in kids. Each story becomes a treasure hunt for them.

While parents and children read stories together, it’s like they are on adventures. They face challenges together and celebrate wins together. These moments create a unique bond, a deep connection that nurtures the child’s emotional growth.

Storytime also holds immense educational value. It is a time when learning is fun and play. Through storytime, children learn new words, understand sentence structure, and develop listening skills. Storytelling gives the chance to learn about different traditions, customs, and perspectives from around the world. The educational value of storytime is immeasurable.

Engaging Picture Books

Picture books become memories of childhood. They offer a unique type of visual storytelling. The best picture books will be filled with colors. Look for books with vibrant illustrations when selecting books for kids. A good picture book tells a story even without the words. The books should be engaging to children.

Picture books work as a powerful tool in developing visual literacy of children. Visual literacy means the ability to interpret meaning from an image. Think about what children see, and imagine while choosing a picture book. The themes of picture books should be both enjoyable and meaningful. Books with universal themes help young readers connect with the story and its characters. Look for books with new ideas and perspectives for your children to expand their horizons.

Building a Lifelong Love for Reading

Encouraging reading culture

Research has shown that children who develop a reading habit at an early age are more likely to shine academically. Introducing books at a young age develops a foundation for strong reading skills. It’s essential to make reading a regular part of a child’s routine. Whether it’s a bedtime story or a morning fairy tale, the key is consistency. It makes reading an expected and enjoyable part of their day.

Exposing children to diverse categories of books broadens their understanding of the world. Diverse categories of books act as mirrors and windows. Here, mirrors are in which children can see themselves and through windows they can view others.

When children find fun in reading books, their motivation to read increases. So, books should be selected that are not only educational but also entertaining. Interactive books, books with rhymes and rhythms, and books that have a sense of adventure or humor can make reading a delightful experience. If children choose their own books it also gives them a greater sense of freedom.

Fostering Creativity and Imagination

Young minds are triggered by books that encourage creativity and imagination. From the stories of books big ideas grow. Select books with rich, imaginative narratives and vivid illustrations. It will let children dream beyond the pages. Fantasy, science fiction, and adventure genres are perfect for opening new worlds of possibility. These books encourage children to imagine the unimaginable. They envision from castles in the sky to journeys through time.

Encouraging children to think critically & creatively. It is crucial for a child’s creative development. Books that give questions, riddles and present problems for characters to solve encourage young readers to do the same. Choose books that challenge children to think about the scenarios repeatedly. This thing creates a mindset that is always looking for solutions and new possibilities. This engagement helps kids to develop analytical skills and the ability to think outside the box.

The magic of storytelling and imagination extends beyond the pages of a book. Encourage children to create their own stories based on their daily experiences. Make them understand that every moment can be an opportunity for a story. This practice enhances creativity and helps children process their world and express themselves in unique ways.


The entertainment of books is free for everyone. Books help children to reflect on right and wrong, good and evil. They build connections between parents and kids and their emotions. Reading books to kids allows parents to help prepare their kids for their next stage of maturity.

It is a foundational element of a child’s developmental journey. It is important for parents and educators to continue to nurture this love for reading. Keep reading books to your child and let the stories unfold the potential within each child.

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