‘Goofi Values Series’ will boost child’s moral values

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be successful and well-rounded individuals. One important aspect of this is ensuring that our children have a strong sense of morality and ethics. The ‘Goofi Values Series’ is a great resource to help parents in Bangladesh achieve this goal.

The series consists of five story books that teach children important values in life through wonderful stories, attractive plot and memorable characters. These stories not only entertain and engage children, but they also help them to understand and internalize important values such as Kindfilness, Family Bonding, Leadership, Courage and Friendship etc.

One of the benefits of these books is that they are written in a way that is easily understood by children. The characters and stories are relatable and engaging, making it easy for children to connect with the material and learn from it. Additionally, the books are beautifully illustrated and designed, making them visually appealing and fun for children to read.

‘Octopus Oliza’s Wish’ is an important story for children to read as it teaches about kindness and acceptance. The story follows the journey of Oliza, a little octopus with only seven legs, who faces discrimination from her peers due to her missing leg. Through her journey, she shows the importance of kindness, acceptance and self-worth. It is a heartwarming and uplifting tale that will inspire children to be more kind and accepting of others, regardless of their differences. The story is a great tool for parents to help children understand the importance of treating others with kindness and respect.

Goofi Values Series

‘My Eagle Family’ teaches valuable lessons about family bonding’s and the importance of acceptance and belonging. Ela, a little vulture who is adopted by an Eagle family, and showcases the challenges she faces when others question her place in the community. The story encourages children to embrace their individuality and to never give up on their loved ones. It is a heartwarming tale that will leave a lasting impact on young readers.

My Eagle Family

‘Erik the Ektara’ is a story about friendship and the power of perseverance. It follows the situation of Erik, an Ektara musical instrument with a harsh tone, and his unlikely friendship with Kenny, a penguin. Through their friendship, Erik learns that everyone has unique talents and that with determination and perseverance, he can achieve his goals. It is an uplifting tale that will leave a lasting impact on young readers and teach them the importance of friendship and self-worth.

Erik the Ektara

‘Tui – the Termite princess’ is an important story, portrayed examples about leadership and responsibility. Tui, a carefree princess who is to take over the kingdom one day. Through her journey, she learns about the importance of taking responsibilities, decision-making and leading. It is a relatable story that will help children understand the importance of leadership, how to take responsibility and how to become a good leader.

Tui – the Termite princess

‘Beny – the Sweet Syrup’ is an important story for children to read as it teaches valuable lessons about courage and standing up for what is right. The story follows the journey of Beny, a syrup who wants to change the way children view medicine. Through his journey, he shows the importance of standing up to make a positive change in the world. It is an inspiring story that will help children comprehend the importance of courage. The story is a great tool for parents to help children develop self-confidence and courage.

Beny – the Sweet Syrup

Another great thing about the ‘Goofi Values Series’ is that it is not only beneficial for children, but also for parents. The books provide parents with a valuable tool for teaching and reinforcing important values in a fun and interactive way. Reading the stories together with your child and discussing the themes and lessons will help to strengthen the bond between parent and child, and also provide an opportunity for parents to model and discuss the values they want their children to learn.

In a society like Bangladesh where moral and ethical values are highly prioritized, it is important for parents to teach their children the importance of having a strong sense of morality. Goofi Values Series is an excellent resource for parents to use in this endeavor. Not only will the stories help children to learn and internalize important values, but they will also provide parents with an engaging and interactive way to teach these values to their children.

In conclusion, the Goofi Values Series is a must-have resource for parents who want to raise children with strong morals and ethics. These books provide an entertaining and engaging way for children to learn important values, and also provide parents with a valuable tool for teaching and reinforcing these values in a fun and interactive way.

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