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Goofi, ToguMogu, and RTV Unite for ‘ToguMogur Khelaghar’: A Breakthrough in Bengali Kids’ Entertainment

ToguMogu, Goofi and RTV collaborate to create ‘ToguMogur Khelaghar’ – A Children’s Family Show”

In a collaborative effort, ToguMogu and RTV signed a contract on December 9th to co-produce a children’s family show titled “ToguMogur Khelaghar” (ToguMogu’s Playhouse). Dr. Nazmul Arefin Momel, CEO of ToguMogu, and Syed Ashik Rahman, CEO of RTV, signed on behalf of their respective organizations. The event was attended by ToguMogu’s Director Zillur Karim, Light of Hope’s Director Mukul Alam, RTV’s Marketing and Sales Head Sodeb Ghosh, Head of Program Dewan Shamsur Rakib, and Program Manager Shahriar Islam.

Family Show
Photo of Signing

Despite the significant demand for fundamental children’s programming in Bangladesh, there is a shortage of such content. Over the last five years, both ToguMogu and Goofi have been working on enhancing parental awareness and fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and values among children. Goofi’s books and toys have already gained popularity among children, with characters like Bluetooth, Tia, Addy, and Sophia becoming household names. Now, Togu and Mogu, alongside Goofi characters, are introducing an entertaining show for children.

The show is backed by a dedicated team, including children’s book authors, experienced scriptwriters, and puppeteers.

RTV’s CEO, Syed Ashik Rahman, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled to embark on such an exciting initiative. RTV has always been keen on producing content for children. After receiving the proposal from the ToguMogu and Goofi teams, we eagerly seized the opportunity. RTV is taking full responsibility for the production of this show. We hope to inspire children and parents with this combination of joy and education.”

Dr. Nazmul Arefin Momel, CEO of ToguMogu, stated, “For the past three years, through the ToguMogu parenting app, we have connected with more than 200,000 parents. Most parents search for good TV programs in Bengali for their children. ToguMogu and Goofi have been working together since the beginning. Following the same spirit, we are collaborating with RTV to create a completely new form of storytelling and activities for children in Bengali through ‘ToguMogur Khelaghar.’ We hope that children and parents will enjoy the show together.”

Waliullah Bhuiyan, the popular author of children’s books and co-founder of Light of Hope (Parent company of Goofi Brand), emphasized, “Through the joy of children, we are working towards creating future skills, ethics, and values. To reach several million children in Bangladesh, especially those without smartphones and internet access, we have chosen television as our medium. Our beloved characters will now directly communicate with children, encouraging them to do good things – and we are excited about that.”

The show, designed as a family program, will be broadcast on RTV starting in February. Additionally, the program will be available on the ToguMogu parenting app, as well as Goofi and RTV‘s social media channels.

The first season of the show will consist of 52 episodes, with plans for additional seasons in the future. For regular updates on the show, audiences are encouraged to follow ToguMogu parenting app, Goofi, and RTV on their respective social media platforms.

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