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Activity Books For Kids

The early years of a child’s life are a critical period for cognitive and emotional growth. This phase, often referred to as early childhood development (ECD). A child’s brain develops quickly in the early years and makes more connections between neurons than at any other time in life. During these formative years, children are highly receptive to learning and absorbing information from their environment.

It’s a foundational time for thinking, language, vision, attitudes, and other emotional and cognitive skills. So, it is a golden opportunity for parents to shape a child’s future learning and growth. They can ignite curiosity and a love for learning in their children with the right books.

As a parent are you worried about building a strong academic foundation for your preschool level children? Looking for good quality preschool books, activity books for kids, kindergarten books? Well, Goofi World knows what your child needs.

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Overview of the Goofi Activity Books for Kids

The word ‘Goofy’ means Naively Curious. Kids are usually goofy – meaning naively curious. They are curious about everything. It is that constant curiosity that drives creativity, problem-solving, and other social skills. Goofi publishes activity books for kids that are highly engaging books to develop kids’ strong academic foundation.

Goofi activity books are interactive publications made to get kids involved in a range of learning and creative endeavors. These books are filled with exercises like puzzles, games, coloring and drawing activities.

Goofi Activity Books stand out in this genre and offer a comprehensive collection for different age groups and interests. These books make learning enjoyable and support the comprehensive development of children. They are a valuable resource for parents who want to encourage a passion for learning in their children.

Different Types of Goofi Activity Books for Kids

Goofi activity books are broadly defined as books containing a series of tasks or exercises to engage children in active learning and play. There are books with a variety of formats aimed at developing a certain skill set.

Goofi Letter to Picture Series

Goofi Letter to Picture book comes with Bangla, English & Arabic versions. It is the most amazing book for young children to learn the Alphabet through a new technique invented by the author Waliullah Bhuiyan.

borno jokhon chobi holo
Borno Jokhon Chobi Holo
letter to picture english
Letter To Picture - English
letter to picture arabic
Letter To Picture - Arabic

In this book, there are

  • 50+ hours of creative activity.
  • Learn small & capital letters & words.
  • Easy steps to draw characters.
  • Helpful for hyperactive & special children also.

Goofi Borno Niye Kheli Series

Goofi Borno Niye kheli will help children learn Bangla alphabet, new words, puzzles, matching games, short rhymes, and some basic tasks like line tracing, drawing, and coloring. To compete with the current education trend, ‘Borno Niye Kheli’ is a must read activity book for kids.

borno niye kheli swaroborno
Borno Niye Kheli Swaroborno
borno niye kheli banjonborno
Borno Niye Kheli Banjonborno

In this book, there are

  • Learning Sworoborno & Benjonborno and words faster in Bangla
  • Improve creativity
  • 100+ hours of engagement for children
  • 100+ Coloring, drawing, puzzle & brain game
  • Reduce smartphone addiction

Goofi Play with Alphabet

Goofi Borno Niye kheli will help children learn Bangla alphabet, new words, puzzles, matching games, short rhymes, and some basic tasks like line tracing, drawing, and coloring. To compete with the current education trend, ‘Borno Niye Kheli’ is a must read activity book for kids.

play with alphabet
Play With Alphabet

In this book, there are

  • Learning small & capital letters, and words faster in English
  • Improve creativity
  • 300+ hours of engagement for children
  • 160+ Coloring, drawing, puzzle & brain game
  • Reduce smartphone addiction

Singapore Math - Level 1

Singapore Math is the most advanced math curriculum in the world. Students who complete the Singapore Math book are 2-3 years ahead of other students. They perform better in real-life math and finance.

singapore math 1a
Singapore Math - 1A
singapore math 1b
Singapore Math - 1B

In this book, there are

  • Math activity-based book with 170-pages.
  • There are Numbers (0 – 100), Number bond, Addition, Subtraction, Ordinal Numbers, Shape,
  • Length, and Weight concepts.
  • The book uses CPA method to teach math concepts to build a very strong foundation in math.
  • Singapore Math 1A & 1 B is appropriate for KG – 1, 2, and Grade – 1 students.

Singapore Math - Level 2

Singapore Math Level 2 is a Math Activity book for kids with the most advanced math curriculum in the world. Students who complete the Singapore Math book are 2-3 years ahead of other students. They perform better in real-life math and finance.

singapore math 2a
Singapore Math - 2A
singapore math 2b
Singapore Math - 2B

In this book, there are

  • Meaningful situation for communication and is followed by specific learning tasks
  • This book uses CPA (The Concrete Pictorial Abstract) method to teach math concepts to build a very strong foundation in math.
  • The textbook comprises 8 units. Each unit is divided into parts: 1, 2.
  • There are tasks for writing, coloring on every page.
  • Singapore Math 2A and 2B books are appropriate for KG – 1, 2, Grade – 1 students, and Grade – 2.

Benefits of Goofi Activity Books

Activity books offer a multitude of benefits that contribute to various aspects of a child’s development.

Cognitive Development

Goofi activity books introduce children to the vibrant colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. They are important tools for enhancing a child’s mental abilities. With Goofi activity books children can develop basic arithmetic and word construction skills, which are essential for their academic journey.

Game-Based Learning

One of the standout features of Goofi activity books is the integration of game-based learning. The pages of the books are filled with fun. This approach makes educational tasks more enjoyable and engaging for kids. Through puzzles, mazes, and other interactive games of the books, children learn critical concepts while having fun.

Emotional Development

Goofi activity books play a significant role in improving a child’s emotional skills. Solving puzzles and completing activities of our books act as a form of stress relief. This helps children to express their emotions in a constructive way.

Enhance Self-Confidence

Every completed task within the activity books provides a sense of achievement and pride for a child. It significantly boosts a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. This also encourages children to take more challenging tasks with confidence.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

Goofi activity books involve tasks that require precise movements such as coloring, drawing, tracing & cutting. These activities help strengthen the small muscles in a child’s hands and fingers which eventually develops the fine motor skills.

Synchronization of Hands and Eyes

Activities like coloring within the lines or solving mazes requires synchronization between a child’s hands and eyes. Many activities of Goofi books are designed to improve this hand-eye coordination. This is important for many aspects of learning and development of a child.

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Goofi activity books are filled with challenges that teach children problem-solving techniques. They learn to approach challenges methodically and develop strategies to find solutions. They also gain a better understanding of spatial awareness through activities that involve patterns, boundaries, and spatial relationships.

Concentration and Focus

The tasks in Goofi activity books are designed to naturally hold a child’s attention. The ability to concentrate is a crucial skill for academic success and personal development. The enjoyable nature of the activities of the books keeps children focused.

Unique Elements to Distinguish Goofi Activity Books

goofi activity books

Goofi Activity Books stand out in the crowded market of educational resources. Our books are innovative and have thoughtful features that meet the needs of modern educational needs. Here why Goofi Activity Books distinguish from others.

  • Interactive and Digital Integration: Goofi Activity Books is a combination of traditional hands-on activities with digital resources which creates a hybrid learning experience.
  • Customized Learning Path: We understand that each child is unique and learns differently. Goofi Activity Books are designed to adapt to individual learning styles and needs. These books come with customized learning paths which ensures children can progress at their own pace.
  • Multicultural and Inclusive Content: Goofi activity books represent our diverse world to children in their understandable manner. These books include a wide range of cultural representations. This diversity encourages children to appreciate and learn about different backgrounds.
  • Collaborative Activities: Goofi Activity Books are designed to encourage collaboration and teamwork in children. There are many activities intended for group participation of children. These shared tasks are specifically designed for siblings or friends to complete together. This method motivates them to work together, share ideas, and learn from one another.
  • Promoting Environmental Awareness: Goofi Activity Books include activities that teach children about environmental conservation. We try to educate children the importance of protecting the planet and encourage them to adopt eco-friendly habits through our books.
  • Parental Guidance and Tips: Goofi includes helpful tips and guidance within the activity books to support parents in their child’s educational journey. Our activity books suggest additional activities that parents can do with their children. These tips provide guidance on how to support and enhance their child’s learning experience.

The Mission of Goofi Activity Books

We believe all children have the inner ability to become the best human version possible. And the purpose of ‘Goofi’ as a brand is to work with children, unleash their inner ability and help them to grow as creative and empathic human beings.

The people behind Goofi study hundreds of researches across the world, and find out the best ways to develop activity books for kids. Our entire team of ECD experts, authors, designers, marketers work towards a single objective – how to make the best contents for children to inspire curiosity, improve creativity, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and moral values.

Every character, every content, every book or learning toys are piloted with children first. Then we get their feedback and improve them accordingly before launching to the market.

Building strong academic foundation with Goofi Activity Books for Kids

goofi educational activities

The early grade when the child is between 3-8 years old, is the most important phase of the academic learning for a child. If we can build a strong foundation of language, logical reasoning, math and scientific thinking along with ethics and values – this will be a life-long foundation for a child. That’s why Goofi decided to invest heavily on developing activity books for kids of 3-8 years old.

The kids books keep children engaged for hours and improve their creative, cognitive, and academic skills. The kids activity books are designed to be self-learning and highly pictorial full of different types of activities. They keep children away from smartphones, grow their interest in academic learning and schooling.

Goofi Books has published their Activity Books for Kids on a range of subjects that includes Math & Logical Reasoning, Language (Bengali, English, Arabic), and Creative books that are used in 90 countries.


Goofi activity books are crafted by ensuring that every child finds the material engaging and enjoyable with various learning styles and needs. By choosing Goofi Activity Books, you’re selecting a companion for your child’s developmental journey. We know that every moment of learning is precious and the right books can make all the difference.

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