Goofi Learning Toys – Best Educational Toys for your kids

Goofi launches Goofi Learning Toys – a range of learning toys beautifully designed and delicately made to keep children engaged, keep away from smartphone and develop various skills.

Goofi Toy is the learning toy brand of Goofi. Our learning toys aid the educational development of children. The Goofi Learning Toys keep children constructively busy so that you can get some quite time. There are toys also where you can play and learn together.

Goofi Learning Toys are designed to improve various skills among children to improve their cognitive skills, emotional learning, critical thinking and creativity, imagination.

Kids love goofi learning toys

Common features of Goofi Learning Toys 

  1. Educational value (it develops creativity, problem solving, social abilities, motor skills)
  2. Entertainment value (they are engaging for children)
  3. Durability
  4. Safety (age-appropriate with safety guide)

Designed and developed by the ECD Experts and the team behind Goofi, these highly researched learning toys will ensure high level of engagement, give amazing fun to your child and keep away from smart phone.

Goofi Toy Story: Tale of two Mothers

Every time you purchase a Goofi Toy, there is a story behind it. For example, the Goofi Hand Puppet that your child is playing with, is handmade with love and care by another mother from rural Bangladesh.

Every time you purchase a toy, it brings joy to another child as her mother might bring a new dress or book from the earning she made by making Goofi Toys.

And that is the story we want you to tell to your child when you purchase our toys. Your child will not just see this as an object to play, but will treat the toy as a source for empathy and compassion.

By telling this story your child you will complete the Tale of Two Mothers.

Goofi Learning Toys

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Teaching self-confidence, your child and Goofi’s Borno Golpo 4
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