Goofi EI Series – first ever Book series to teach Emotional Intelligence to children

Goofi EI Series is the first ever published book series to teach emotional intelligence to children. So, as parent why you should care?

Emotional Intelligence matters the most for your child’s future

Emotional Intelligence is the top skill that determines your child’s future success. Skills like self control, learning about your own emotion, and understanding other’s emotion are key to your child’s success. The most famous study on this called Marsmellow study, showed that learning self-control is the ultimate variable to one person’s personal and professional success.

In today’s world our children face hundreds of challenges face every day – on real life and on virtual world. Teaching emotional intelligence at an early age will help them to face these challenges.

Self-Confidence is the Key

Emotionally Intelligent people are also self-confident. Children need to be confident about themselves from an early age. As parents, your job is to help them gain that self-confident. A book series like Goofi EI Series will definitely help. Book like ‘Confident Tiya’ or ‘আত্মবিশ্বাসী টিয়া’ in this series showed how Tiya can solve any challenge and manage her emotion. বুদবুদ ছড়ানো ড্রাগন (The bubble dragon) is another story that help children understand that it’s OK to be different.

5-books of Emotional Intelligence

Goofi EI Series has 5 books – আত্মবিশ্বাসী টিয়া, বুদবুদ ছড়ানো ড্রাগন, এডির অভিমানী বন্ধুরা, সবার প্রিয় বিয়োগ, গল্পের এপিঠ-ওপিঠ। Each book tackles one theme of emotional intelligence. The stories are all amazing, the illustrations are really great. The goofi team worked almost a year to publish these books. And now the result is showing amazing responses from children and parents. We are hearing stories on how parents are using these books to teach manner, behavior, empathy, being self-confident and so many more.

Should I take a copy for my child

Buying the copy of EI series is a great resource for parents to start helping their children to develop their emotional behavior, good manner, build their confidence and empathy towards others. Children love the book series so much. And we are proud to be part of this ‘first of a kind’ book series in Bangladesh for children.

Goofi EI Series
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