Goofi Books: the Most Loved Children Book Publisher in Bangladesh

We started Goofi Books – a children book publisher focusing on preparing children with future skills like creativity, problem-solving, moral values in 2019. Little we knew, that within just 2 years, it would become the most loved children book publisher among children. Goofi books are now used by parents and teachers in more than 90 countries around the world.

Why children love goofi books?

The books are designed for the users – the children. The content creators, authors, designers and illustrators work together for months to create one children book series. The team studies most updated research on child behavior, preference, and development to plan and design each new series.

Goofi children books are by far most colorful books available in Bangladesh. The wonderful and thoughtful illustration is another advantage of each book series.

The kids books are tested among children before publishing. It is one of the few children book publishers in the world that actually test the product with the children. All the feedback from the children are incorporated in the final goofi books.

Loving Goofi characters

Goofi regularly introduces new characters along with their main characters – Addy, Bluetooth, Tiya and Sofia. These characters are universally loved by children of all ages.

Why parents love goofi books?

The books are highly engaging. Children can spend hours drawing, doodling, coloring in the goofi activity-based books. There are series that can keep a child engaging for 200-300 hours.

Goofi books help children to learn values, empathy, and good behavior. Goofi academic books are a great way to introduce academic learning to pre-schoolers.

The books are a great way to keep kids away from smartphone. They are a wonderful tool to spend some quality time with children.

Become a Goofi Kids Club Member

Parents who love to buy great books regularly for their children, can become a Goofi Kids Club Member. It is a membership program with some great benefits that will help your child.

Best Goofi Books For Kids
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