Best Goofi Books For Kids

Goofi books are not just some ordinary story books for children’s fun only. They are the gateways to develop creativity in young minds. These books are designed to entertain and educate.

When we started Goofi in 2019, the core objective was to make such children books that will help children to become more creative, empathic and academically advanced. Within just 2 years, Goofi Books have become a popular book brand.

We often get this type of question: “My child’s age is 3 years. Which Goofi book should I give him/ her? Can you give me some suggestions?’ We always want to make sure the right Goofi books are going to the right age-group children. In this definitive guide, you will find the best Goofi books for your little kid.

Types of Goofi Books for Kids

We don’t recommend any of our Goofi book series for children less than 3 years old. We have divided our Goofi book series in two broad categories:

  • Learning Book
  • Creative Book

Here, Learning Books come with academic lessons in an engaging and enjoyable manner. And Creative Books have so many amazing stories for your child.

Best Goofi Books for Different Age Groups

Pre-school Activity-based Children Academic Book

Goofi Academic books are categorized under ‘Learning Books’. These books are designed mostly for preschool and early Kindergarten students. We have developed a 4 Book Series that works as a complete set for pre-school or homeschool sets. Although the focus is to develop early literacy and numeracy skills through these books, we embedded other activities inside the books to develop their critical thinking, imagination, creativity.

Play with Alphabet Series

There are a total of 3 books in this series for both Bengali and English alphabets. These books are appropriate for children of 4-8 years old. This series of books are innovative, interactive, and of course, a super fun way to introduce the alphabet to children.

play with alphabet
Play With Alphabet
borno niye kheli swaroborno
Borno Niye Kheli Swaroborno
Borno Niye Kheli Banjonborno

Letter to Picture Series

In this series there are also 3 books and for children of 4-8 years old. Children can learn English, Bengali and Arabic letters through picture-based techniques from these books. This method will help children to develop creative and critical thinking ability. Children can learn the alphabet 30% faster with 80% less Adult supervision.

Borno Jokhon Chobi Holo
Letter To Picture - English
letter to picture arabic
Letter To Picture - Arabic

Singapore Math Series

There are a total 4 books defined as Level – 1 and Level – 2. Here, Singapore Math Level – 1 is for 4 to 7 years old children. And Singapore Math Level – 2 is for 7 years old children. Singapore Math book uses CPA method and it is the most advanced math curriculum in the world. Students who complete the Singapore Math book and program are 2-3 years ahead of other students.

Singapore Math – Level 1 (1A & 1B)
singapore math level 2
Singapore Math – Level 2 (2A & 2B)

Creative Art Book Series

Beside English, Bengali, Math, Arabic we have also introduced another series for Doodle, Design and Drawing for children. Kids just love coloring these highly creative designs, drawing techniques. There are 2 books for improving the creative art skills of children. Here, “Kids Time Akte Sekhar Boi” is for 6-10 years old children and “Shape Artist” is for 4-8 years old children.

akte sekhar boi
Kids Time Akte Sekhar Boi
shape artist
Shape Artist

Goofi Story Books

The Goofi creative book segment is mostly for children between 4-10 years old. Goofi Story books are categorized under ‘Creative Books’. But all these series have different themes.

We recommend reading these books to children when they are young (3-6 years old). But once they can read themselves at the age of 7-10 Years old, they should read these amazing stories themselves. Once you buy one Goofi Story Book series, you can use them for several years.

Any Goofi creative book series can serve a family for minimum 4-5 years – once at a young age and once they are old enough to read themselves. The books are designed like that. The production quality is good to survive multiple years.

Story Doo Series

Goofi Story Doo series has both Bengali and English versions. The Bengali version is appropriate for children of 3-10 years old and the English version is for 4-10 years old. Each of them has 5 amazing story books. The theme of this series is ’empathy’. In each of the books, the storyline and plot focuses on developing empathy and values among children. It is the best selling book series so far.

Story Doo English: Moral Stories for Kids
Story Doo Bangla: Popular Moral Stories

Borno Golpo Series

There are a total 5 Borno Golpo Series. Each series has 5 story books from which children can read valuable stories through Bengali alphabets and related words. The Borno Golpo Series 1 & 2 are appropriate for 4-8 years old children. And the rest 3 series are good for children of 4-10 years old.

borno golpo 1
Borno Golpo 1
Borno Golpo 2
borno golpo 3
Borno Golpo 3
borno golpo 4
Borno Golpo 4
Borno Golpo 5

Banglar Guptodhon series

Although most of the Goofi Story Books are for children below 10 years old, there are a few Goofi books that are appropriate for Early Teens. It is a 5-book series for Teens and adults too. From these books they can learn about the hidden history of Bangla.

banglar guptodhon
Banglar Guptodhon

The Importance of Selecting the Right Books for Your Child

Reading books at an early age helps children set the foundation for a bright future. The books you choose for your children can significantly influence their development. So, selecting the right books for your child is very important. Also, you need to check if the book is age-appropriate for your child. The right books influence your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social growth. Here are more descriptive reasons:

Cognitive Development

Books that challenge your child’s thinking and imagination help develop their cognitive abilities. Our Goofi books have rich language and complex characters that encourage children to think critically and enhance their problem-solving skills. Goofi books make learning a fun and enjoyable experience.

Building Language and Literacy Skills

Reading well-written books from an early age expands vocabulary, improves grammar, and enhances comprehension skills. Goofi books come with rhythmic and repetitive texts from where children can easily learn and recognize letters, sounds, and words. This also helps young children develop phonemic awareness, a crucial skill for early reading success.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Books are powerful tools for the emotional growth of children. Through stories, children learn about different cultures, emotions, and situations. Goofi books have stories with various emotions and scenarios that help children understand and express their own feelings.

Promoting Academic Excellence

A love for reading often results in academic success for children. Children who gets to read quality books regularly tend to perform better in all subjects.

Improvement of Imagination and Creativity

Stories ignite imagination and creativity and introduce children to new possibilities. The right books allow a child’s imagination to flourish. Goofi books turn simple words into vibrant landscapes and characters. They encourage children to think beyond the ordinary.

Building a Lifelong Love for Reading

The right age appropriate books can cultivate a lifelong love of reading. Reading becomes a cherished habit when children can read with joy, discovery, and ease. This love for books supports academic success and provides a lifelong source of pleasure.

Why Choose Goofi Books?

Goofi Books consist of a world of learning, creativity, and fun for children. At Goofi World our mission is to ignite curiosity and create a love for learning in children. We believe that every child is a natural learner. Our books are designed to tap into that innate curiosity. We also know about the power of storytelling to teach valuable life lessons, cultivate empathy, and develop critical thinking skills. We always ensure that every child has access to high-quality books that inspire and educate.

Unique Features of Goofi Books

  • Educational Content: Each Goofi book is crafted with the input of educators. We cover a range of topics and complex concepts are presented in a child-friendly manner.
  • Engaging Illustrations: Our books come with illustrations that capture the imagination and bring stories to life. The artwork is thoughtfully crafted to make it easier for children to connect with the characters and themes.
  • Age-Appropriate Themes: We understand that each age group has unique needs and interests. The themes and language used in the books are suitable and relatable for each stage of a child’s development. So, all you need to do is choose the right book that aligns with your child’s age.


Every book at Goofi World will be the best one if you can choose based on your child’s age. Goofi Books provides a unique reading experience that both entertains and educates. Parents and educators praised Goofi books for nurturing children’s growth and passion for reading. So choose wisely, read together and watch your child flourish with every page they turn.

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