Teaching Problem solving skill to children through story

Teaching problem solving skill to your child at an early age is the best thing you can do. And there is a Goofi Book Series for that now. 

Problem and possibility – are like the two sides of a coin! In fact, where there is no problem, there is no possibility. Children who are afraid of problems do not have the courage to plan for anything big in life. Even then, when become an adult, won’t dare to take responsibilities. Whoever has lack problem-solving skills will have low chance of being successful in life.

To improve this fundamental skill, Goofi has created Borno golpo 3 for children. The series consists of 5 books along with five stories. All the five stories are designed, very carefully, on some given problems and solutions that the characters face.

By giving a good story to children, goofi writers want to evoke a problem solving mentality to its reader. And as a parent – you definitely want your child to have some development on this life worth skills.

Stories of Bornogolpo 3 will help children to understand ‘problem solving skills’ in different ways. Each story has its own iconic protagonist. Some of them are imaginary and others are real. All of them are dealing with a given problem.

 Some of these protagonists are historical figures like Aryavatta (আর্যভট্ট) – the famous mathematician or Khona (খনা) – first female orator of Bengal. Others are goofi’s own characters – Bluetooth, Addy.

Children, usually, follow the main character of the story and treat them as faithful friends. When someone starts following his faithful friend, he will receive direction and suggestions from the friend, for sure! And indeed, all these are selected good friend for your child. They will make your child enthusiastic to solve problems.

To build problem-solving skills in your child, to make them ready for this competitive world – the most important thing is to build some skills on solving problems. So, why don’t you give to your beloved child a series goofi books? Goofi stories will develop the child’s language skills definitely and give the child great fun of reading.

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Watch the Book Series Review from Publisher & Author Waliullah Bhuiyan

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