Teaching self-confidence, your child and Goofi’s Borno Golpo 4

In its 4th installment, Goofi Borno Golpo series targets a new theme: Teaching self-confidence. Goofi Borno Golpo 4 is the first book series in Bengali to teach children about self-confidence.

Teaching self-confidence to children

“Who can tell this?” or “Who can make this possible?” – when such questions are thrown to a group of kids, as you may have noticed, some kids respond very quickly. Some of them respond after a while and rest never respond. Once in a while, you may have noticed some kids say, “I think I can’t do that”.

Why these children respond differently and in different manner? The very reason, in a single word, is the level of one’s self-confidence. Confidence is a kind of comprehension or understanding or mental ability of human mind, which helps to decide, “Can I do or do not?” or “possible-Impossible” types of questions.

Confidence shows ones mental and behavioral statements and helps individuals to gather strength and capacity to perform the job properly. He, who has enough self-confidence, has the courage to discover unknown, to turn the impossible into possible.

Self-confidence arises from self-awareness and this self-awareness is a part of emotional intelligence. And the foundation of one’s self-confidence should build properly at early in the childhood.

The sooner a child become self-confident, the quicker she gains the ability of learning and understanding. We can recognize those kids easily and say to ourselves – “what a talent!” Such a self-confident, talented child have strong capacity to cope up with emotions and can figure out his or her personality. This type of confident children can declare bravely by saying – “Yes, I can make this possible”.

Goofi Borno Golpo 4 Series

To grow a better ‘concept about one’s self-worth and self-confidence’, goofi prepared a series of five stories (the story of চ, of ছ, of জ, of ঝ and of ঞ) under Goofi Borno Golpo 4. This is the 4th installment of the Goofi Borno Golpo Series.

The name of the books are: কবি চিতাবাঘ, ছবি আঁকিয়ে টিয়া, সুখী মানুষের জামা, ঝাঁসির রাণী, আকাশে উড়েছি যেদিন. These 5 books around 5 alphabets tell the tale of self-confidence! The কবি চিতাবাঘ (চ এর গল্প) tells the story of a leopard, who managed to become a poet.  ছবি আঁকিয়ে টিয়া (ছ এর গল্প) tellস how Tiya became a good artist.

Borno Golpo 4

সুখী মানুষের জামা (জ এর গল্প) is the retold version of Sukumar Roy,  tells how a king became self-managed inspired by a happy begger. ঝাঁসির রাণী (ঝ এর গল্প) describes about the daring queen of Jhansi, who wanted to make Indian-subcontinent independent from the colonial oppression of England! And আকাশে উড়েছি যেদিন (ঞ এর গল্প) will tell the story of Bluetooth, who dared to invent wings to fly on the sky like a bird. All these five stories will bring joy of story to children and will help them to strengthen their self-confidence.

Borno Golpo 4

Behind Goofi Borno Golpo 4 Books

As always, goofi team worked for months to identify the story topics, writing the story, verify with children with the concept. Then design, illustration and overall story messages are worked through a group of experts and designers.

For goofi team, it is important to tell the story in a way that children can relate, understand and can take positive actions in their lives.

As parents, we know that you also want to increase the self-confidence of your child. You want her to understand her worth. You want her to be daring to cope-up with this competitive world. You want him to be the maker of his own life.

Goofi team wanted to make sure we give you the perfect gift to do that to your children.

That’s how Goofi Borno Golpo 4 is born – the only book series ever made in Bengali on teaching kids about self-confidence.

You can get a glimpse of the Goofi Borno Golpo book series here.

Borno Golpo 4
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