Top 5 Ways Children are Learning with Toys

When children are learning with toys, it’s an amazing feeling for parents. When we first made Goofi Puppets, we didn’t realize kids will be using our puppets in a range of creative, interesting and fun activities. We designed Goofi Puppet as a learning toy with open-ended play, activity and making of new puppets.

In today’s article, we have made a list of Top 5 Ways on How Children are Using Goofi Puppets for Learning and Engagement.

Top 5 ways children learning with toys

1. Telling story using puppet: Kids are regularly using the Goofi puppet to tell their favorite story to their parents, friends and relatives. Older kids are telling stories to younger siblings using Goofi puppets.

2. Acting with puppet: Kids buying 2-3 puppets to make a puppet play among themselves or with their parents. They are making up their own stories and using the puppet characters to act the play.

3. Making new puppet: With the use of the Manual inside, kids are making their own puppets using socks, felt paper or foam paper. They are making finger puppets and hand puppets.

4. Communicate with puppets: Some kids are shy. They don’t express themselves properly. Some want to share their problems with parents. But they don’t know how. We have seen cases where kids are using their puppets to talk to parents, friends and others about the things they are not comfortable with.

5. Making new friends: Struggling with making new friend? Children are using goofi puppets to make new friends at schools. They are taking the puppet to schools, show their classmates, and suddenly everyone is attracted to the puppet instantly. Everyone wants to try out, everyone wants to have a go. Now, the child is the popular kid in the class with lots of friends.

If your child is doing something interesting with Goofi puppets, make a video clip or take a picture and send us to Goofi World Facebook page.

Goofi Puppet as Language Learning Toy

If your child is 18 months or more, use Goofi puppets as a language learning toy. Use the puppet to talk, read story, make eye contact with your toddlers. Parents who are worried about language development, speech delay of their children, will get great value from using the goofi puppet. Learn more about this from this Article.

Buying Goofi Puppets

You can purchase Goofi puppets as gift for your child or someone else’s. If you are running a daycare, pre-school, special school or has program with young children, you can think about Goofi Puppets.

Click the image below to see different Goofi puppet designs.

Goofi Puppets

Learning with toys – how to encourage children

Sometimes we may wonder how we can encourage children for learning with toys. Here’re some tips for interested parents:

  1. Read the instruction of the learning toys you purchase. Good learning toys should have instructions about how to use it for best benefit.
  2. Engage with your child and find out ways how you can use the toy for learning.
  3. Ask your child to come up with ideas to do new things with the toy.
  4. Encourage your child to invite more friends and play with together.
  5. Use multiple toys in your home and invent new plays.

Always remember, it is not the way is designed to be played, but how you use your imagination to engage, interact and learn together with your child.

Happy playing. Happy learning with toys.

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Speech delay in toddlers – Language learning toy
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