Speech delay in toddlers – Language learning toy

Speech delay in toddlers

Speech delay in toddlers can be a great concern for parents. In recent years, we have observed that speech and language delay is the most common problem among children. In the aftermath of COVID-19, speech delay among young children has become very severe. Parents are turning to child experts, therapists, special schools, or regular schools with this problem. In this article, we shared with parents how Goofi Hand Puppets can be used as a language-learning toy for speech delay in toddlers and children.

The best solution to minimize speech delay in toddlers is to spend quality time, a lot of talking, and interacting with children. Parents who are looking for a language-learning toy can definitely benefit from Goofi hand puppet.

Primarily designed as a Learning Toy for children, Goofi Hand Puppets are now being used for a variety of activities. Parents, experts, and special school teachers are now finding its use to effectively communicate with special children or children with certain developmental delays; especially speech delays in toddlers.

By observing this, we have listed some ways that people can benefit from using Goofi puppets in dealing with children.

How to use puppets for the best benefits on special occasions:

  1. Speech delay is the most common problem parents are facing nowadays. Using Goofi puppets to communicate with children creates amazing interest among the children. Children who are shy or have trouble speaking can use the puppet to practice talking. Regular conversation with Goofi puppets with children, reading stories, and making eye contact will greatly reduce the problem.
  2. Special child and autism case: When you use tools like Goofi puppet, it becomes easier to draw their attention. They tend to listen more carefully when the puppet talks with them. Teachers at special schools or parents with special children can use Goofi puppets to communicate more effectively with them.
  3. Shy to communicate: A lot of children are too shy to talk to others. But if you start practicing with Goofi puppets, they get more comfortable to start sharing and talking.
  4. Hyper-active children: To calm down a hyper-active child and ask him to sit down and listen to a story told by Goofi puppet (actually, you) can be a good way to start practicing patience. Kids are hyperactive and always want to do something. When they put on Goofi puppet in their hand, they can channel their energy to the puppet and communicate with it.
  5. Telling stories to children: When you read a story, it might be boring to the child. But when the puppet tells a story, it is so interesting. That’s why you can always use Goofi puppet to tell or read a story to your child.

How I will know if my child is having speech delay?

A lot of parents worry too much too early. It’s important to know the right symptoms and behaviors in your toddler. We are sharing this great article to learn more.

Language Learning Toys for Speech Delay in Toddlers

There are toys marketed as language learning toys that make sounds, music, and say alphabets or words. Research suggests, that these types of toys are not helpful for toddlers to learn the language and often can be harmful. The best resource is YOU.

YOU as the parent can take advantage of these below resources and give your time to help your child’s speech delay problem.

  1. Children’s Books: Here’s a list of the 200 Best Children’s Books for you. Pick the ones age-appropriate for your child.
  2. Flashcards: Flashcards can be a great resource for engagement and learning language.
  3. Puppet: Hand puppets are great resources to make eye contact, talk, and interact with children.
  4. Language exercise: Here’s the list of 7 Exercises for your child and you.

Choose your Goofi Hand puppet

Click on the image below to find out which Hand puppet you like to take for your child. Happy talking.

Top 5 Ways Children are Learning with Toys
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